Ontario First Nations Map

Ontario First Nations mapHow to locate First Nation reserves, Tribal Councils, political organizations and land covered by treaties.

Map features

The Ontario First Nations map shows the locations of:

  • First Nation communities: listed by band number and cultural affiliation (e.g., Algonquin, Cree, Ojibway)
  • Tribal Councils (a grouping of bands with common interests who join together to provide advice and programs to their members)
  • reserves (land set aside for bands under the Indian Act and treaty agreements)
  • political organizations (e.g.,  Union of Ontario Indians, Grand Council Treaty 3)
  • land covered by specific treaties


The border shows symbols that have special meaning to First Nations in Ontario.

Information sources

Many sources are used to ensure the map’s accuracy, including:

  • The Canada Lands – Ontario First Nations Lands and National Parks map (published by Natural Resources Canada)
  • First Nation Profiles (published by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)
  • Historical Treaties of Canada map (published by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)

Information is also cross-checked against other sources such as:

  • interactive First Nations maps
  • First Nations political organization websites
  • community websites

Get a copy of the map

To get a copy of the map, you can:

  1. Save an electronic image of the map on your computer.  To do this, open the JPEG version, right-click on it and select “Save Image/Picture as”.
  2. Order a copy from ServiceOntario Publications

Reproducing the map

The map can be reproduced for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

Commercial reproductions

For commercial reproduction, please contact:

Senior Copyright Analyst
ServiceOntario Publications
Phone: 416-326-5153


You will also need to get Government of Canada licensing permission. To do this, please contact:

AANDC Public Enquiries Contact Centre

Non-commercial reproductions

If you plan to reproduce the map for non-commercial purposes, please :

  • take care to be accurate with the information
  • do not represent the map as an official version
  • acknowledge Government of Canada copyright
Updated: August 14, 2014