Ontario Research Fund: Research Infrastructure

How to apply for funding to help cover the costs of research infrastructure (e.g., renovating facilities, purchasing equipment, etc.).

How it works

The Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure provides research institutions with funding to help support infrastructure needs, such as modern facilities and equipment.

Both the Ontario government and the Canada Foundation for Innovation provide funding.

You need to apply to both programs at the same time.


The Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure has three programs:

Large Infrastructure

  • helps cover the costs of building/renovating and equipping facilities to conduct collaborative academic research
  • co-funds with the Innovation Fund

Small Infrastructure

  • helps cover the costs of acquiring/renewing research equipment (e.g., specimens, scientific collections, computer software, information databases)
  • co-funds with the John R. Evans Leaders Fund

College-Industry Innovation

  • helps cover the costs of building, renovating and equipping research facilities to promote college-industry partnerships
  • co-funds with Canada Foundation for Innovation’s College-Industry Innovation Fund
  • participation from private-sector partners is essential

Who is eligible

Eligible institutions include:

  • universities and colleges
  • research hospitals
  • non-profit research institutes

Funding amount

This funding comes from two places: the Ontario government and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Each provides up to 40% of eligible costs.

The remaining 20% needs to come from private funding partners and/or your own research institution.

How to apply

Step 1: Notify your institution’s research office that you plan to apply.

Step 2: Your research office submits a Notice of Intent to apply to the Ontario Research Fund (except for the Small Infrastructure program).

Step 3: Prepare the documents for your application package according to program guidelines and application instructions.

Step 4: Your research office submits the complete application package to the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Application forms and guidelines

Complete your Large Infrastructure Fund – Application Form

The following Large Infrastructure Application package is a compressed ZIP file containing the:

  • Program Guidelines
  • Adjudication Process
  • Notice of Intent instructions
  • Application instructions

Large Infrastructure Fund Application Package (ZIP)

Important dates

The deadline to submit the Large Infrastructure Notice of Intent  was February 28, 2014.

The Large Infrastructure application deadline is August 1, 2014.

There are currently no upcoming competitions for the Small Infrastructure Fund.

There are currently no upcoming competitions for the College-Industry Innovation program.

Evaluation criteria

The ministry reviews both the Ontario Research Fund and corresponding Canada Foundation for Innovation application and looks for the:

  • quality of the research and the researchers
  • need for the infrastructure
  • ability to attract highly qualified personnel and give them new high-level skills
  • potential benefits to Ontario (economy, health, environment, quality of life, public policy, visibility in the global scientific community)

Projects funded

Information about projects supported through the Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure program can be found on the Ontario Open data website.

Notices of intent received

The following link will take you to a document containing the project overview of the 2015 Ontario Research Fund's Large Infrastructure Fund Notices of Intent submitted to the ministry: 2015 LIF Notice of Intent Project Overviews.


For more information, please contact ORFInfrastructure.Mailbox@ontario.ca

Updated: October 9, 2014