How do I replace a lost/stolen/damaged personalized licence plate?

To replace your lost, stolen or damaged personalized licence plate visit a ServiceOntario centre and bring:

  • name of your insurance company and policy number
  • the vehicle permit (plate and vehicle portions)

If the personalized licence plate is lost or stolen: a replacement declaration must be completed by the owner and the police (if it’s a telephone report, include the name of the officer who took the report and the occurrence number).

Print and complete the replacement declaration form.

If the licence plate is damaged: a replacement declaration is not required but the damaged licence plate must be returned.

You will receive a set of regular plates at no charge to use on your vehicle until your personalized plates are replaced. You must wait 6 months before the stolen personalized plates can be replaced.

When the personalized plates arrive, bring the following items to a ServiceOntario centre:

  • your interim plates
  • the letter you received with the replacement personalized plates
  • the vehicle and plate portions of the permit for the interim plates
  • the name of your insurance company and your policy number

You will need to complete and sign the application for registration form (available at ServiceOntario).

Find the nearest ServiceOntario centre.

Updated: September 11, 2014