Renew a driver's licence

Ontario driver's licenceHow to renew a soon-to-expire or recently expired driver’s licence. You can renew a driver’s licence, online or at a ServiceOntario centre, as early as 180 days before it expires and up to 12 months after it expires.

An Ontario driver’s licence is valid for 5 years. You need to renew it every 5 years either online (if eligible) or at a ServiceOntario centre.

NEW: You can renew your driver’s licence online if:

  • you don’t need a new photo  
  • you have a full licence (G,D,M class) that isn’t cancelled, suspended, or expired for more than 12 months
  • you have a combination class of G1M, G2M, GM1, GM2, DM1 or DM2 (only the full portion will be renewed online)  
  • you haven’t updated your address within the last 90 days
  • you don’t need tests (vision, written, or road)
  • you’re not removing a vision condition
  • you have no new medical conditions that may prevent you from driving
  • you don’t have outstanding fines

To renew online, you need:

  • your driver’s licence number
  • the 7-digit trillium number found on your driver’s licence (e.g., *1234567*)
  • your postal code

Renew your driver’s licence online

To renew a driver’s licence in person, you need:

  • an original personal identification document showing your name, date of birth and signature
  • your renewal notice
  • your marriage certificate, if you are applying under your married name

Find a ServiceOntario centre



The fees may vary if:

  • you are over 76 years of age
  • the expiry date on your driver’s licence is changing to match the expiry date on your health card


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Interac® Online.


4 to 6 weeks

Online renewal

If you renew within 28 days of expiry up to 1 year after expiry, you must save, print and sign your temporary driver’s licence at the end of your transaction. For it to be valid, you must carry both your temporary driver’s licence and your existing photo driver’s licence when you drive.

If you renew more than 28 days before expiry, you will get a renewal confirmation at the end of your transaction. Print and save it as proof of renewal until your new driver’s licence arrives in the mail.



What you need to know

You will receive a renewal notice in the mail or a reminder by email 60 to 90 days before your driver’s licence is set to expire. 

If you need a test (vision, written or road), or if you are over 80, you must visit a DriveTest centre. Your renewal notice will have the information on any additional documents you may require.

If you are over 80

You will have to renew your licence every 2 years. Your renewal notice will have information on:

  • taking a vision test
  • completing  an in-class screening component
  • attending a group renewal session

Learn more about driver’s licence renewals for seniors.

If you need a photo

As of May 2013, you only need to renew the photo on your driver's licence every 10 years. If you need a new photo, you need to visit a ServiceOntario centre to have one taken.

The picture on your photo I.D. must be:

  • completely visible
  • free of any obstructions
  • a neutral expression

Headwear worn for religious or medical reasons can be worn, but must not cover any part of your face.

You may be asked to remove any head or face wear (e.g., eyeglasses) when taking a photo for government-issued identification.

Lost renewal notice

If you lose your renewal notice, it can be reprinted for you at a ServiceOntario centre.

If you sign up to get renewal reminders by email you can access your renewal notice online 6 months before expiry until 1 year after expiry to reprint.

Sign up for renewal reminders.

Recently moved or need to change your address

If you moved recently, you need to update your address on record with the Ontario government. You can’t renew your driver’s licence online within 90 days of changing your address.

Update your address online.

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Updated: May 25, 2015