Land Information Ontario

How to find, access and share geographic data.


Land Information Ontario (LIO) has a data warehouse with more than 300 data sets that include geographic information on Ontario’s:

  • road network
  • trails
  • wetlands
  • lakes, river and streams
  • parks and protected areas
  • soil types
  • heritage sites
  • airports
  • official names
  • municipal boundaries

LIO works with partners across the province to create and maintain provincial data.

How to find data

To find the geographic data you want, use the metadata tool. Metadata also includes what you need to know to use the data most effectively for your purposes, including:

  • how current it is
  • how it was captured
  • the scale it was captured
  • its limitations
  • its known issues
  • how it is maintained

How to access data

LIO makes more than 220 open data products available to everyone.

To access open data:

  • go to the metadata tool
  • select Open Data on the left menu
  • choose the data you want
  • click download, follow the instructions and the data will be emailed to you

To view data as a web service:

  • go to the metadata tool
  • select Public Web Services from the left menu
  • select metadata for the service you want
  • see distribution information for available formats

How to become a member and share data

Public organizations can easily share data with other organizations by becoming a member of the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange. Members can order data directly from the LIO Warehouse. For more information about the Data Exchange and how members can access data, please contact us at

You can become a member if you are a:

  • municipal, provincial or federal government
  • First Nation
  • conservation authority
  • public health unit
  • non-profit organization
  • college or university
  • public utility

To join, you need to:

  • download and complete the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange application form
  • return 2 copies with original signature by your signing authority to:

    Data Exchange Administrator
    Land Information Ontario
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
    3rd Floor, North Tower
    300 Water St
    PO Box 7000
    Peterborough ON  K9J 8M5

Need Help?

Contact the LIO support team:

Updated: September 1, 2015