Organ and tissue donor registration

How to register your consent to donate your organs and tissue. Your choice could, one day, save up to 8 lives.

Gift of Life -

Did you receive a letter from ServiceOntario about updating your organ and tissue donor registration?

Or, did you register online as an organ donor or update your profile online between March 23, 2013 and September 19, 2014?

Update your registration

To register as an organ and tissue donor, you need:

  • to be at least 16 years old
  • to provide your date of birth
  • your health card number and version code (if applicable)

Providing an email address when you register is optional. If you do, we will send you a confirmation of registration via email. Your email information is not saved.




You will receive a confirmation letter if you:

  • complete a new registration
  • update your registration information
  • withdraw your consent

What you need to know

By registering your consent, information about your decision can be shared with your family, so they can be made aware of your wishes.

You need to register even if you signed a donor card. Information on a signed donor card is not recorded in the same way and may not be available when needed.

Registering as a donor is the only secure and guaranteed way to make your decision known.

Register in person

You can also register your consent at all ServiceOntario centres.

Register by mail

To register by mail, complete a Gift of Life consent form and send to:

Organ Donor Consent
PO Box 48
Kingston ON K7L 5J3

More information

Please visit or call The Trillium Gift of Life Network at toll-free 1-800-263-2833 (Canada).

1 organ donor can save up to 8 lives.

Be an organ donor.

1,500 people in Ontario are on the waiting list for an organ transplantLess than 25% of eligible Ontarians have registered consent to donateRegistered Ontario Organ Donors in 2012: 284,942Increase of registered organ donors: 2009, 18%*, 1,965,922; 2010, 19%*, 2,135,291; 2011, 21%*, 2,423,291

*percentage of eligible
 population in Ontario


Updated: February 24, 2015