Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

How to view Crown land use area boundaries, make a map and search for an area-specific land use policy or amendment online.


Central and northern Ontario Crown land

This tool contains area-specific land use policy for Crown lands in central and northern Ontario. This area represents more than 39 million hectares of land and water.

The Atlas is being expanded to include southern Ontario and Far North community-based land use plans.

View boundaries, make a map

The Atlas allows users to view Crown land use area boundaries and create maps for a variety of purposes, including recreational.

Read terms of use before using the Atlas

Use the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

Find a policy report or land use amendment

Use the Atlas to retrieve information on area-specific land use policies or land use amendments.

To find land use policies and land use amendments, click on:

  1. the Find Information tab at the top of the Atlas
  2. Policy Reports or Amendment Information to access the respective search tool

Refer to these documents to support your search:

Use the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

Updated: July 30, 2014