About Ontario


Ontario is Canada's second largest province, covering more than one million square kilometres (415,000 square miles) - an area larger than France and Spain combined.

Natural resources

The varied landscape includes the vast, rocky and mineral-rich Canadian Shield, which separates the fertile farmland in the south and the grassy lowlands of the north.

Did you know?

Ontario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-third of the world’s fresh water.

Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline


Ontario’s economy thrives through its unique combination of resources, manufacturing expertise, exports and a drive for innovation.


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People and culture

With a population of more than 13.5 million, Ontario is home to about one in four Canadians. More than 85 per cent live in urban centres, largely in cities on the shores of the Great Lakes.

A teepee


People have lived in what is now Ontario for more than 12,000 years. Before the arrival of the European settlers, Algonquian- and Iroquoian-speaking Aboriginals had settled on the land.

Ontario coat of arms

Government Ministries

Learn about the major roles and responsibilities of Ontario’s ministries, meet the ministers and connect to related websites.

History of government

A primer on how the Ontario government is organized and works.

About the Ontario Public Service (OPS)

Information about Ontario’s civil service – an organization that employs 60,000+ people, provides government services to citizens and promotes an innovative, diverse, eco-friendly and accessible workplace.