Get a hunting licence

How to get your first Outdoors Card, and buy a hunting licence tag.

New to hunting? Find out what you need before you go.

Apply to a big game draw

How to apply to big game draws to hunt for deer, moose and elk in Ontario.

Outdoors Card: HuntingRenew or replace your Outdoors Card

How to renew or update an existing Outdoors Card or replace a lost, damaged or stolen card.

Two Natural Resources Conservation Officers check a hunter's licence.

Hunting regulations

A summary of rules for hunting in Ontario, including information about seasons for each game species.

Unit maps

Information on Ontario's 95 wildlife management units. Each unit has its own rules.

Hunter education

The courses and credentials you need to hunt in Ontario.

Hunting activity and harvest reports

How to submit your hunting activity and harvest report.

Tourist hunting services

Information for tourist outfitters and their clients on moose and black bear hunting in Ontario.


The training and licence you need to trap animals and sell their fur.


The licences you may need to practice falconry in Ontario.

Camp on Crown land

What you need to know about camping and other recreational activities on Ontario's Crown land.