Last updated: December 01, 2023

COVID-19 testing locations and clinical assessment centres

Find your closest location to get a COVID‑19 test or clinical assessment. Some locations can also assess people experiencing cough, cold and flu symptoms.

If you are eligible for PCR testing (including people eligible for COVID-19 treatments) you can locate your nearest pharmacy or assessment centre for PCR testing.

Rapid antigen tests will only be available at retailers while their supplies last. If you are at high risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 (including high-priority communities and people eligible for COVID-19 treatments) and your participating retail location is out of stock, another local retailer or your local public health unit may have tests available.

Before you go

Find out if you should go for a test or clinical assessment before searching for a location.

If you can, bring your Ontario health card.

Search by postal code

Enter a postal code to find a testing location.

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