BroccoliFun food facts

  • Broccoli is related to the cabbage and cauliflower. Cool family tree! More than 70% of the broccoli grown in Ontario is a type called Paragon.
  • Great reasons to make broccoli your BFF: Half a cup of cooked broccoli has about 2 grams of fibre and is a source of vitamin C.

Brain teaser

The word “broccoli” comes from the Latin word “brachium,” meaning “arm.” Broccoli was first grown in which European country?

  1. Austria
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. France

Answer: c
(Broccoli was grown mainly in Italy from the Roman Empire until the 16th century, when a royal marriage brought it to France.)

Photo Courtesy of Holland Marsh Growers' AssociationEat it up!


Get creative with your quesadillas and add Ontario broccoli to mix up your fillings. Perfect to make when a buddy comes to visit.

You'll need:

  • Small whole-wheat tortillas
  • Your favourite shredded Ontario cheese
  • Sliced Ontario tomato
  • Chopped Ontario broccoli florets

What to do:

  1. Sprinkle the tortilla with shredded Ontario cheese.
  2. Top with Ontario tomato and Ontario broccoli.
  3. Microwave until cheese begins to melt. Roll up and enjoy!