grapesFun food facts

  • Coronation grapes are an almost seedless grape created in Canada. They’re a cross between the black Patricia grape and the Himrod grape.
  • Twenty grapes make up one serving of Vegetables and Fruit. Groovy!

Brain teaser

In Ontario, Coronation grapes are available fresh how many months of the year?

  1. 3
  2. 2
  3. 6

Answer: b
(Mid-August to Mid-September)

Eat it up!

Ontario icy grapes

Looking for a way to beat the heat? Get the real deal with frozen “fruit-sicles” made using Ontario Coronation grapes. Grape-ilicious!

  1. split up Ontario grapes into small bunches
  2. wash the single serving bunches
  3. place the Ontario grapes in freezer bags and freeze for a cool refreshing snack anytime – enjoy!