Green onionsFun food facts

  • Green onions grow right here in Ontario from June until mid-November.
  • Don’t be shy, give green onions a try! Green onions to add flavour and colour to foods like omelettes, tossed salads, egg salad, potato salad and soups.

Brain teaser

“Scallions” is another word for:

  1. filthy blood-thirsty pirates
  2. green onions
  3. a thieving, untrustworthy person

Answer: b

Food quest

You can easily grow green onions in your own garden or even in a pot. Why not give it a try this year?

Plant the seeds in the spring about 6 centimetres apart and cover with about 2 centimetres of soil. Keep it moist. If you grow your own vegetables in a pot or container, be careful they don’t dry out.