Maple syrupFun food facts

  • Italy may be famous for pizza, but Canada is famous for our maple syrup. Here in Ontario, we use it to make maple sugar, maple fudge, maple butter and more! Today there are over 400 maple syrup producers.
  • Maple syrup makes good-for-you foods like French toast, pancakes and waffles taste terrific.

Brain teaser

Ontario maple syrup is terrific because:

  1. it’s so sticky that you can use it to hold school projects together when you can’t find tape
  2. we can support local farmers by buying maple syrup produced right here in Ontario
  3. it’s runny – which is a good excuse for pouring a little extra on your pancakes!

Answer: b and well, okay, c too!

Eat it up!

For a fun day outdoors you can enjoy with your family each spring, attend a maple festival in your area. Visit the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association website and scroll down to “Maple Festivals” on the left.

Here’s a new way to enjoy the Ontario maple syrup you bring home: Mix fresh Ontario berries, Ontario peach slices or stewed Ontario rhubarb with a little maple syrup. Use as a topping on French toast or yogurt.