MilkFun food facts

  • Marvellous milk! About 85% of milk is made up of water. So drinking milk is a great way to stay hydrated. Milk (including chocolate milk) also has 16 nutrients, many of which help build strong bones and give you energy to play and have fun with your friends.
  • Moo! Ontario's 3,500 dairy farmers produce over 3 billion litres of milk each year. That's enough to fill over 1,000 Olympic size pools!
  • Moooove over! Ontario goats also produce milk. There are about 200 dairy goat farms in Ontario. Learn more about the significance of dairy goat production in Ontario by visiting a farm at virtual farm tours from the Ontario Farm Animal Council and AgCare.

Brain teaser

The natural sugar found in milk is called:

  1. lactose
  2. sucrose
  3. galactose

Answer: a