MushroomsFun food facts

  • Imagine if you had the same growth spurts as button mushrooms. They only take several weeks to grow!
  • In Ontario, we produce a few different types of mushrooms. There are cool sounding mushroom names like “shiitaki”, “oyster”, “portabella” and “crimini”. Then there is the practically named, “white button mushroom”. Just like you and your friends are not all the same, neither are mushrooms. They taste different, have different amounts of nutrients and look different too.

Brain teaser

How do farmers grow mushrooms all year long, even in the winter?

  1. when it’s cold, farmers keep the mushrooms warm with heat lamps
  2. mushrooms can be grown indoors, on trays in climate-controlled rooms, all year long
  3. mushrooms freeze over the winter, get mushy over the spring (thus “mush”- room) and then dry up in the summer, when they are ready for harvesting

Answer: b

Eat it up!

Which of these five ways to enjoy mushrooms do you want to try?

  1. sliced into a summer salad
  2. added to a hot winter soup
  3. as a burger topping
  4. as a pizza topping
  5. diced into an omelette