NectarinesFun food facts

  • If nectarines grow in warm climates, where in Ontario is it warm enough to grow them? Well turns out, nectarines grow in one of the richest fruit-producing areas in Canada, the Niagara Fruit Belt. Maybe you live near it and don’t even know it? It extends along Lake Ontario from Hamilton to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • Vitamin C doesn’t just come from oranges. Here in Ontario we can get our vitamin C from nectarines too.

Brain teaser

True or false: Never wash fruit before storing. Wash your nectarine just before you eat it.

Answer: Absolutely true! Those tender fruits don’t dig getting washed any earlier than just before you chomp down on that sweet goodness.

Eat it up!

Photo Courtesy of Ontario Berry Growers Association

Ontario nectarines are available for three months in Ontario – from around the end of July until the end of September! Enjoy your fill for the year with these tasty ideas:

Need a lunch for summer camp? Not a fan of mushy fruit? Here’s a tip: Go for nectarines. They are a bit firm so they are less likely to get squishy in your lunchbox.

Love smoothies? Replace the fruit in your favourite smoothie recipe with nectarines, or try this amazing combo: raspberries and nectarines, both grown in Ontario.