PeachesFun food facts

  • If you live in southern Ontario near Lake Ontario between Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake, you my friend are in prime peach country.
  • You love Ontario peaches because of their sweet, soft and juicy taste. Your body loves them for the burst of energy they give. Peaches are both filling and refreshing.

Brain teaser

Hey, peachy keen jelly bean! Yeah, you! Now that you are becoming the peach expert, it’s up to you to guard the great taste of Ontario peaches in your house by storing them properly. Which of these acts should cause you to shriek loudly, run wildly in circles and say, “That’s just not peachy, folks!”?

  1. your kid sister wants to help mom by washing the peaches before storing them
  2. your dad wants to ripen up very firm peaches by putting them on the window sill in direct sunlight
  3. your big brother, when helping to put away the groceries, puts the peaches in the fruit bowl still in their plastic bag
  4. all of the above

Answer: d

Start your shrieking engines! Unripe peaches should be placed in a paper bag for a day or two out of direct sunlight. Ripe peaches should be enjoyed right away or stored in the crisper of your fridge.

Food quest

It just ain’t summer until you’ve sunk your teeth into a juicy Ontario peach. What’s really cool is picking it yourself, but if you can’t, check out this virtual farm tour from the Ontario Farm Animal Council and AgCare. Look for “Fruit Orchard.”