PearsFun food facts

  • Compare this! Although bananas are a source of fibre (2.1 grams), pears actually have over twice as much fibre – 5 grams!
  • In 2018, Ontario produced over 7.1 million pounds of pears. That's enough to make over 4 million pies!

Brain teaser

Which type of pear do Ontarians eat the most?  

  1. Anjou
  2. Bosc
  3. Bartlett
  4. Clapp's Favourite
  5. Flemish Beauty

Answer: c

Photo Courtesy of Holland Marsh Growers' AssociationEat it up!

3 Pear-fect snack ideas

  1. Spread peanut butter on half a bagel. Top with thin slices of Ontario pear.
  2. Crunch into a juicy Ontario pear. Enjoy it with a chunk of Ontario cheese.
  3. Dip slices of Ontario pear into vanilla yogurt.