PearsFun food facts

  • Compare this! Although bananas are a source of fibre (2.1 grams), pears actually have over twice as much fibre – 5 grams!
  • In 2011, Ontario produced over 6.9 million pounds of pears. That’s enough to make 3.9 million pies!

Brain teaser

Which type of pear do Ontarians eat the most?  

  1. Anjou
  2. Bosc
  3. Bartlett
  4. Clapp's Favourite
  5. Flemish Beauty

Answer: c

Photo Courtesy of Holland Marsh Growers' AssociationEat it up!

3 Pear-fect snack ideas

  1. Spread peanut butter on half a bagel. Top with thin slices of Ontario pear.
  2. Crunch into a juicy Ontario pear. Enjoy it with a chunk of Ontario cheese.
  3. Dip slices of Ontario pear into vanilla yogurt.