PeppersFun food facts

  • In 2018, Ontario produced more than 90 million pounds of field-grown peppers. Although red peppers start out as green while they're on the plant, they don’t change colour after picking.
  • Peter Piper picked a peck of...perfect peppers! Peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A. Both boost your body’s germ-fighting ability. Positively powerful!

Brain teaser

Plantings of greenhouse peppers in Ontario began in the mid- to late 1980s in the Niagara area. Since then, Essex, Kent and Lambton Counties are also growing Ontario greenhouse peppers – about 492 acres or the size of 276 soccer fields!

Most greenhouse peppers in Ontario are produced in hydroponic systems. This means that gravel and a special type of wool are used instead of soil. Which greenhouse pepper is the most popular?

  1. orange
  2. yellow
  3. red

Answer: c

Photo Courtesy of Holland Marsh Growers' AssociationEat it up!

Crunchy pepper snacks

  • Tri-coloured veggies and dip: Cut red, yellow and orange Ontario field or greenhouse peppers into strips. Dip into your favourite dressing for a crunchy-licious snack.
  • Pepper boats: Cut Ontario field or greenhouse peppers into big wedges. Fill with hummus. Enjoy!