RadishesFun food facts

  • Radishes are root vegetables that look like beets or turnips, but have a peppery flavour. The radish is related to mustard.
  • Radishes are in season from May to November in Ontario. They are surprisingly high in vitamin C.

Brain teaser

Radishes were so highly regarded in Greece that gold replicas were made. Radical! 
Citizens of what country celebrate radishes in a festival called Noche de los Rábanos?

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Mexico

Answer: c

Photo Courtesy of Holland Marsh Growers' AssociationEat it up!

Great grated grub

  • grate Ontario radishes and enjoy them with your favourite dip or hummus
  • for a fresh, peppery treat, grate Ontario carrots and Ontario radishes, and then toss with your favourite dressing