TomatesFun food facts

  • Even though we have frosty winters, we can grow tomatoes in Ontario for 10 months of the year, thanks to greenhouses. Once spring hits we can start growing delicious Ontario field tomatoes. Maybe you even grow some yourself?
  • Do you say “tomato” or “tom-ah-toe”? It doesn’t matter! Either way, all that juicy goodness is loaded with vitamins C and A —just what active kids need to feel great.

Brain teaser

True or false?

In North America, people used to grow tomatoes because they were pretty, not because they wanted to eat them! It wasn’t until the 1900s that tomatoes started to become popular in cooking.

Answer: True

Photo Courtesy of Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable GrowersFood quest

This may seem odd but give it a try when no one is looking! Smell a freshly cut, juicy summer Ontario tomato. Just flare out those nostrils and take the biggest whiff you can. that’s the smell of summer!

Growing your own tomatoes is “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy”.

  • Plant seeds indoors in the spring, say April. Use small pots, paper cups or even get the seeds started in an egg carton.
  • You can also buy a small tomato plant at a gardening centre. Usually the end of May is a good time put plants outdoors in the ground or in pots. Be sure to loosen up the roots of the plant gentle with your fingers. Soaking the roots in water helps. Loosen and soak the soil with water before putting the plant into the ground or pot.
  • Tip: If you use pots, the soil can dry out quickly in the hot sun! Be sure to keep the soil moist and your plant will thank you with loads of juicy tomatoes!