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Public survey: Lake Simcoe Protection Plan 10-year review

Your feedback will help us assess if we need to make amendments to the plan to continue to protect and restore the lake.

Closing date: March 3, 2021

1. How familiar are you with the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan?
2. What do you think about the current policies in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan?
3a. Indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statement: The health of the Lake Simcoe watershed has been showing signs of improvement over the last 10 years.
4. Which of the following areas of focus in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan are you most interested in? Select all that apply.
5. Which of the following policy areas do you think need improvement to better protect the health of the Lake Simcoe watershed? Rank them in order of importance, with 1 being the most important to improve and 10 being the least important to improve
Improving actions related to the cold-water fishery
Improving septic systems on private property
Improving municipal infrastructure (such as stormwater ponds and sewage plants)
Improving development practices (such as site alteration or resource extraction)
Promoting water conservation
Protecting natural areas or features such as wetlands and forest cover
Encouraging agricultural stewardship of the environment
Promoting education, outreach and information sharing
Conducting monitoring and research
7. Are there new policy areas that we should consider?
9. What is your main source of information on the health of Lake Simcoe? Select all that apply.
12. Which of the following best represents you? Select all that apply.
Are you a shoreline property owner?

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This feedback will help to inform our first review of the plan, as required under the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, 2008. Your feedback may also be used in a summary report about this survey.

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