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Survey: getting health information online

We want to know when – and how – you use the web to access health information and resources.

Your feedback will help inform our plans to provide you with health information that is relevant and useful. We will report-back on what we heard in Fall 2017.

Time to complete this survey: 3 minutes

Closing date: September 1, 2017

For the following situations, tell us which online source would you visit first.

Optional demographic questions

Completing this section is optional. We respect your privacy and will only use this information to better understand your responses.

Your privacy matters

Your privacy is important to us. Do not include personal information such as your name, address or phone number in your responses or any information that identifies a friend, family member or other person. If you choose to provide personal information when registering for the in-person consultations, through the survey, this website, or by email, the information will be handled according to our Privacy Statement.