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Survey: raising the speed limit on Ontario highways

We want to know your thoughts about raising speed limits on Ontario highways, including road safety and the raised speed limit pilot. Your feedback will be used with traffic data to determine if we should raise speed limits. We will report back on what we heard in Winter 2019/20.

Closing date: November 23, 2019

This survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.

1 Start 2 Road safety and enforcement questions 3 The pilot questions 4 Complete

Your driving habits

Are you licensed to drive on 400-series highways in Ontario?
How often do you drive on 400-series highways in Ontario?
When thinking of 400-series highways in Ontario, is the 100 km/h posted speed limit: *
What speed limit do you think would be appropriate for 400-series highways in Ontario? *
What speed do you feel most comfortable driving on 400-series highways in Ontario? *
Which lane do you prefer to drive in when travelling on a 400-series highway? *
How fast do you think most other drivers travel on 400-series highways in Ontario? *
Do you think people drive: *
How comfortable do you feel if you choose to drive at a different speed than the majority of traffic? *