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Survey: Regional government review

Help inform our review of Ontario’s eight regional municipalities and Simcoe County, and their lower-tiers. Share your thoughts on governance, decision-making and service delivery functions in these regions.

Closing date: May 21, 2019


In this consultation:

  • “municipality” refers to both upper and lower-tier municipalities
  • “upper-tier municipality” means your regional municipality or county government
  • “lower-tier municipality” means your city, town or township government

View the full list of upper- and lower-tier municipalities.



Municipal councils vary in size and governance structures. For example, in some municipalities, council members can serve on both local and regional council. In others, council members can sit on only the lower-tier or the upper-tier council. All lower-tier municipal mayors sit on the upper-tier council.


Service delivery

Your municipal services could be delivered by your upper- or lower-tier municipality. The services vary for each municipality. For example, your upper-tier municipality may be responsible for arterial roads, area-wide land use planning, and health and social services.  Your lower-tier may provide services for local roads, garbage collection, recreation, and local land use planning.

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