Ontario Gazette: advertise or subscribe

The Ontario Gazette is the Government of Ontario’s official publication for legislative decisions, proclamations of new statutes, all regulations made under Ontario statutes, and notices that ministries, agencies and other organizations are required to make public.


If you want to advertise in the Ontario Gazette, please contact us.

Submissions are due by 3 pm on Thursday, 9 days before publication of the issue in which they should appear. Please allow an extra day for weeks with a statutory or government holiday.

Your submission must be made in Word.doc format and sent by email Gazette@ontario.ca


Your first electronically submitted notice costs $75 for up to ¼ of a page.

Repeat insertions of the same notice cost $40 each. They must be ordered at the same time as the original.


Payment for private notices can be made by Visa, AmEx or MasterCard or by cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.

Payment by Ontario government ministries may be made by journal entry only.


Annual subscriptions for the weekly hard copy of the Ontario Gazette begin on the first Saturday in January.


The annual subscription fee is $126.50 + HST. If you subscribe mid-year, your fee will be adjusted.

For subscription information/orders please call 416-326-5306 during normal business hours.


You can make payment by Visa, AmEx or MasterCard. Cheque or money order payments made payable to the Minister of Finance are also accepted.

All subscription inquiries and correspondence, including address changes, should be mailed to:

The Ontario Gazette
Publications Financial Unit
8th Floor
222 Jarvis St
Toronto ON  M7A 0B6

Telephone: 416-326-5306


Published back issues may be available at your local public library. You can also contact the Archives of Ontario by telephone at 1-800-668-9933 (toll free) or 416-327-1600.

Hard copy issues published after January 2000 may be available through Service Ontario Publications. Individual hard copies cost $2.90.

Updated: July 10, 2014