Flood Forecasting and Warning Program

Information about the Flood Forecasting and Warning Program, which prepares provincial and local authorities in the event of a flood.

Current flood information

Flood information updated as of: July 29, 2016 - 1:30 pm

Ontario flood map

Locally issued flood messages

Issued by MNRF Districts and Conservation Authorities

MNRF Districts


    Conservation Authorities


    River Regulatory Agencies


    Provincial Message

    Issued to Local Authorities by the Surface Water Monitoring Centre


    MNRF Districts

    Aylmer, Guelph

    Conservation Authorities

    Ausable Bayfield, Catfish Creek, Essex Region, Grand River, Kettle Creek, Long Point Region, Lower Thames Valley, Maitland Valley, St. Clair Region, Upper Thames River

    Weather Situation

    Environment Canada is reporting a nearly stationary line of thunderstorms extending from near Chatham to just north of Leamington is producing torrential downpours and frequent lightning. Local rain amounts of 50 to 100 mm are possible. Weather radar estimates indicate 30 to 40 mm of rain may have already fallen in under an hour from the strongest thunderstorms.


    Water levels and flows across southwest Ontario are currently within the normal range.

    The forecast system could bring heavy localised rainfall and thunderstorms across the region today and again tomorrow. Should additional forecast precipitation amounts materialize, localized flooding of low lying areas may occur.

    A close watch on water levels and flows and local weather conditions is recommended.

    Flood Message Definitions

    Provincial flood messages

    There are 2 types of provincial flood messages:

    • the Provincial Flood Watch, which provides consistent and timely technical information about the potential for flooding
    • the Provincial Watershed Conditions Statement, which provides information on provincial watershed conditions as they relate to flood potential, and an outlook on expected spring flood conditions

    Local flood messages

    There are 3 types of local flood messages:

    • flood warning: flooding is imminent or already occurring
    • flood watch: there is the potential for flooding
    • watershed conditions statements: flood Outlook (an early notice of the potential for flooding based on heavy rain, snow melt etc.) and water safety information.

    Who to contact for flood information

    Your local Conservation Authority is responsible for local flood messaging.

    Your local municipality is responsible for on-the-ground flood response.

    If you live in a community that is not serviced by a conservation authority, any flood watches or flood warnings in your area are issued by the nearest Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry district office.


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