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To apply, you must be legally authorized to work in Canada.

Current job openings

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The hiring process

Here’s what happens after you apply for a job:

  1. Email confirmation

    You will get an email confirming your application.

  2. Preliminary call

    If we would like to learn more about you, we may set up a call to ask you a few questions.

  3. Interview and testing

    You may be invited to a more traditional interview that could include a technical test, assignment or presentation. You will also have a chance to ask us questions.

  4. Reference checks

    We call your references to learn more about you and find out how we can help you succeed in our organization.

  5. Job offer

    Congratulations! We discuss the details, answer any remaining questions and figure out when you can start.

  6. Interview feedback

    If you don’t get a job offer, we’re more than happy to share some tips to help you succeed next time.

Our culture

We value diversity, collaboration, innovation, empathy and continuous learning. Here’s what to expect when you join our team:

browser with person

Work that matters

Build great products and services that improve people’s lives.

team working together

Talented people

Collaborate with other practitioners on multi-disciplinary teams.

justice scale

Work life balance

Meaningful work that doesn’t take over your whole life.

cloud computing

Modern technology

Work with modern technologies: GOLang, Java, Python, React, Vue, Angular, Node, PHP, Foundation/Sass, Elasticsearch, AWS, Azure, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Terraform and Docker.

hands with heart in middle

Inclusive environment

Practice and experience equity, anti-racism and psychological safety.