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under Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2

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current March 9, 2007 (e-Laws currency date)
November 30, 2001 March 8, 2007

Education Act


No Amendments


Historical version for the period November 30, 2001 to March 8, 2007.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

Educational institutions

1. The following educational institutions are prescribed for the purposes of sections 266.2 to 266.4 of the Act:

1. All boards.

2. All schools under the jurisdiction of a board or the Ministry.

3. All private schools in Ontario.

4. All facilities in which a board provides an elementary or secondary school educational program under agreement with the facility.

5. The Education Quality and Accountability Office.

6. The Crown in right of Canada and a band, a council of a band or an education authority if,

i. the band, council or authority, as the case may be, is authorized by the Crown in right of Canada to provide elementary or secondary school education to pupils who are Indians, and

ii. an agreement has been entered into with the Ministry providing for the use of Ontario education numbers for those pupils. O. Reg. 440/01, s. 1.

Prescribed person, s. 266.3 (3) of the Act

2. The following persons are prescribed for the purposes of subsection 266.3 (3) of the Act:

1. Officers and employees of educational institutions prescribed by section 1.

2. Officers and employees who are employed in the Ministry.

3. Officers and employees of Statistics Canada. O. Reg. 440/01, s. 2.

Indirect collection of personal information

3. The Minister and officials of the Ministry may collect from an educational institution prescribed by section 1 the following personal information about an individual who is or was enrolled in an educational institution prescribed by section 1 or who seeks or sought to be enrolled in the institution:

1. The individual’s full name, any name the individual prefers to use and any previous names the individual used.

2. The individual’s gender.

3. The individual’s date of birth. O. Reg. 440/01, s. 3.

Ontario education number

4. Educational institutions prescribed by section 1 shall use an individual’s Ontario education number to identify the individual in the following types of material:

1. All pupil records that are compiled and maintained in accordance with the Act or under any policy, guideline or directive issued by the Minister relating to pupil records.

2. Applications made by the individual for enrolment in an educational program, school or institution.

3. Pupil assessments, tests and evaluations of the individual. O. Reg. 440/01, s. 4.