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Highway Traffic Act
Code de la route


Short-Term Vehicle Impoundment under Section 55.2 of the Act

Historical version for the period January 1, 2017 to December 14, 2020.

Last amendment: 423/15.

Legislative History: 423/15.

This Regulation is made in English only.

Exemptions from s. 55.2 of the Act, ambulances, etc.

1. Ambulances, fire department vehicles and police department vehicles are exempt from section 55.2 of the Act.  O. Reg. 415/10, s. 1.

Exemptions from s. 55.2 of the Act, commercial motor vehicles

2. A commercial motor vehicle, as defined in section 3 of Ontario Regulation 419/15 (Definitions of Commercial Motor Vehicle and Tow Truck) made under the Act, is exempt from section 55.2 of the Act if the driver’s licence suspension took effect less than 100 days before the day on which the driving while under suspension takes place. O. Reg. 423/15, s. 1.

3. Omitted (provides for coming into force of provisions of this Regulation).  O. Reg. 415/10, s. 3.