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Far North Act, 2010


Description of the Far North

Consolidation Period: From October 7, 2016 to the e-Laws currency date.

Last amendment: 337/16.

Legislative History: 337/16.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

Description of the Far North

1. (1) For the purposes clause (b) of the definition of “Far North” in section 2 of the Act, “Far North” means the portion of Ontario that lies north of the line identified as the “Far North Boundary” on the series of maps entitled “Regulation Plan of the Southerly Boundary of the Far North of Ontario”, comprised of map sheets 1 to 20, dated June 24, 2009 and filed in the office of the Surveyor General.  O. Reg. 21/11, s. 1 (1).

(2) A copy of the series of maps described in subsection (1) is posted on the Government of Ontario website on the Internet.  O. Reg. 21/11, s. 1 (2).

2. Omitted (provides for coming into force of provisions of this Regulation).  O. Reg. 21/11, s. 2.