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Planning Act
Loi sur l’aménagement du territoire



Note: This Regulation was revoked on December 31, 2015. (See: O. Reg. 207/15, s. 1)

Last amendment: O. Reg. 207/15.

This Regulation is made in English only.


1. This Order applies to the land in the City of Elliot Lake in The District of Algoma in the Province of Ontario described as part of Parcel 2295 Section AES identified as part of Property Identification Number 31629-0237 (LT) and part of Block O on Registered Plan M-146 being the land outlined in red on a map numbered 221 identified by stamp of the Registrar of Regulations on July 17, 2012 and filed at the Toronto office of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing located at 777 Bay Street. O. Reg. 200/12, s. 1.

Use of land

2. Every use of the land described in section 1 and every erection, location and use of a building or structure on the land described in section 1 is prohibited, other than,

(a) the erection, location and use of a supermarket together with outdoor storage, a garden centre and a farmer’s market and any use that is ancillary to the supermarket, outdoor storage, garden centre or farmer’s market; and

(b) any use, building or structure that is permitted by a zoning by-law passed under section 34 of the Act. O. Reg. 200/12, s. 2.

3. Omitted (provides for the revocation of this Regulation). O. Reg. 207/15, s. 1.

4. Omitted (provides for coming into force of provisions of this Regulation). O. Reg. 200/12, s. 4.