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Employment Standards Act, 2000



Consolidation Period: From January 1, 2018 to the e-Laws currency date.

Last amendment: 525/17.

Legislative History: 525/17.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

Credit card charges

1. For the purposes of clause (f) of the definition of “tip or other gratuity” in subsection 1 (1) of the Act, a tip or other gratuity does not include the portion of a service charge or similar charge imposed by a credit card company on an employer for processing a credit card payment made to the employer by a customer, as determined in accordance with the following:

1. Multiply the total amount of the tip or other gratuity by the greater of,

i. the per cent charged by the credit card company for processing the payment, and

ii. 1.5 per cent. O. Reg. 125/16, s. 1; O. Reg. 525/17, s. 1.

2. Omitted (provides for coming into force of provisions of this Regulation).