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O. Reg. 656/93: FEES

under Dental Technology Act, 1991, S.O. 1991, c. 23

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revoked or spent August 14, 2000

Dental Technology Act, 1991
Loi de 1991 sur les technologues dentaires


Amended to O. Reg. 470/00


Note: This Regulation was revoked on August 14, 2000. See: O. Reg. 470/00, s. 1.

This Regulation is made in English only.

1.The fee for an initial application for a certificate of registration of any class is $100. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 1.

2.(1)The fees to issue or renew a certificate of registration are,

(a) $850 for a general certificate;

(b) $300 for an inactive certificate; and

(c) $100 for a general certificate if the applicant already holds an inactive certificate. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 2 (1); O. Reg. 454/98, s. 1.

(2)A general or inactive certificate of registration expires on September 1 in every year unless the renewal fee set out in subsection (1) is paid on or before that date.

(3)Subject to subsection (4), the penalty for late payment of a fee set out in subsection (1) is $100.

(4)A person shall not be required to pay the $100 penalty more than once in a year, regardless of the number of classes of certificate for which the fee is late in that year. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 2 (2-4).

3.The fee for reinstatement of a certificate of registration is $100. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 3.

4.(1)The fee to take the examinations for entry to practise is $100 and,

(a) $150 for the written portion; and

(b) $680 for the clinical portion.

(2)The fee to take the supplemental clinical examination for entry to practise is $120 for each section retaken.

(3)The fee to file an appeal of examination results is $200 plus $50 for each section appealed. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 4.

5.(1)A candidate for election to the Council shall pay a fee of $500 for a recount of the election.

(2)The fee shall be refunded to the candidate if the outcome of the election is changed in his or her favour as a result of the recount. O. Reg. 656/93, s. 5.