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O. Reg. 915/93: FEES

under Midwifery Act, 1991, S.O. 1991, c. 31

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revoked or spent February 12, 2001

Midwifery Act, 1991
Loi de 1991 sur les sages-femmes


Amended to: O. Reg. 27/01


Note: This Regulation was revoked on February 12, 2001. See: O. Reg. 27/01, s. 1.

This Regulation is made in English only.

1. The application fee is $50. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 1.

2. Where consideration of an application for registration involves a portfolio assessment in which a determination of the equivalency of the applicant’s qualifications is made by the College, the applicant shall pay an additional fee of $300. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 2.

3. Where consideration of an application for registration involves a prior learning assessment in which the applicant’s qualifications are assessed by such means as examinations or an evaluation of the applicant’s clinical skills, the applicant shall pay an additional fee of up to $2,500. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 3.

4. The administration fee is $35. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 4.

5. The fees payable by a member on or before October 1 of each year are as follows:

1. An annual fee of,

i. $1,000 for a member who holds a general certificate of registration or a certificate of registration requiring supervised practice, or

ii. $50 for a student certificate of registration; and

2. The administration fee. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 5.

6. No later than sixty days before the administration fee and annual fee are due, the Registrar shall notify the member of the amount of the fees and the day on which they are due. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 6.

7. (1) If the member fails to pay an administration fee or annual fee on or before the day on which the fees are due, the member shall pay a penalty in addition to the fees.

(2) The penalty is 15 per cent of the fees owed. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 7.

8. Upon payment of the annual fee and administration fee, the member shall be issued an annual certificate and registration card. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 8.

9. The fee for changing the member’s name as it appears on the register and for issuing new registration documents is $100. O. Reg. 915/93, s. 9.