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Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996



Historical version for the period April 4, 2017 to August 5, 2021.

Last amendment: 92/17.

Legislative History: 83/03, 121/15, 92/17.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

1. (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint persons under clause 4 (2) (b) of the Act who are, in the opinion of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, able to represent the public interest and the interests of the education community.  O. Reg. 345/96, s. 1.

(2) The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall ensure that at least three members of the Council appointed under clause 4 (2) (b) of the Act are French speaking and at least one member is an aboriginal person. O. Reg. 121/15, s. 1.

(3) A person who served on Council for the maximum number of years permitted under subsection 5 (2) of the Act is ineligible to be appointed to Council again unless, as of the day the appointment would start, at least three years would have elapsed since they last served on Council. O. Reg. 92/17, s. 1.

2. The persons appointed under clause 4 (2) (b) of the Act shall hold office for the term specified in the appointment.  O. Reg. 345/96, s. 2.