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Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act
Loi sur l’aménagement des lacs et des rivières


No Amendments


Historical version for the period October 3, 1996 to April 19, 2007.

This Regulation is made in English only.

1. In this Regulation,

“channelize” means to alter the alignment, width, depth, sinuosity, conveyance or bed or bank material of a river or stream channel;

“dam” means a structure constructed as a barrier across a river, lake, pond or stream to hold back water in order to raise its level, create a reservoir to control flooding or divert the flow of water;

“water crossing” means a bridge, culvert or causeway that is constructed to provide access between two places separated by water but that also holds back, forwards or diverts water. O. Reg. 454/96, s. 1.

2. For the purpose of subsection 14 (1) and section 16 of the Act, approval is required to,

(a) construct or make improvements to a dam;

(b) construct a water crossing draining an area greater than five square kilometres, unless construction is undertaken by a Ministry, municipality or Conservation Authority on lands owned by the Crown, the municipality, or the conservation authority undertaking the construction;

(c) channelize a river or stream that may harmfully alter fish habitat or impede the movement of fish in a river, stream or lake, except for the installation or maintenance of a drain, subject to the Drainage Act;

(d) enclose or cover a length of river or stream for greater than twenty metres in length;

(e) install, if the installation may result in damming, forwarding or diverting water, a cable or pipeline into the bed of a river, stream or lake except for the installation of heat loops, water intakes and service cables for private residences. O. Reg. 454/96, s. 2.

3. No approval is required under section 14 or 16 of the Act for a water crossing to which the Public Lands Act applies or that has been constructed as part of a forest operation to which the Forest Operation and Silvicultural Manual under Crown Forest Sustainability Act applies. O. Reg. 454/96, s. 3.