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filed January 26, 2000 under City of Ottawa Act, 1999, S.O. 1999, c. 14, Sched. E

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made under the

City of Ottawa Act, 1999

Made: January 25, 2000
Filed: January 26, 2000

transition board

1. A transition board is established for the purposes of section 19 of the Act.

2. (1) The board shall be composed of at least six members appointed by the Minister.

(2) One of the members of the board shall be designated as chair of the board by the Minister.

3. The chair of the board shall be paid a daily allowance of $450 and the other members shall be paid a daily allowance of $400.

4. The members of the Board shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred by them in performing their duties under the Act.

5. The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and section 55 of the Municipal Act apply with necessary modifications to the board and its members in the same manner as they apply to a municipality and the members of its council.

6. This Regulation comes into force on February 1, 2000.

Tony Clement

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Dated on January 25, 2000.