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filed August 30, 2001 under Farm Products Marketing Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.9

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ONTARIO regulation 340/01

made under the

Farm Products marketing act

Made: August 29, 2001
Filed: August 30, 2001
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: September 15, 2001

designation — Ontario ginseng growers’ association


1. (1) In this Regulation,

“association” means the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association designated in section 2;

“ginseng” means the root of the herbaceous perennial known as ginseng.

(2) Nothing in this Regulation applies to wildly-grown ginseng, known as wild ginseng.

Designation of Association

2. The Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association is designated as the representative association of producers of ginseng within Ontario for the carrying out of a program for stimulating, increasing and improving the producing and marketing locally within Ontario of ginseng by advertising, education, research and other means.

Licence fees

3. Every producer who grows one-quarter of an acre or more of ginseng for commercial production shall pay to the association a proratable licence fee of $50 per acre or portion of an acre of ginseng in production.

Time of payment of fees

4. (1) On or before February 1 in each year, every producer shall forward to the association the licence fees required under section 3.

(2) The association may require payment of the licence fees on a prorated basis throughout the year.

Use of fees

5. The association is authorized to use the licence fees for the purposes of defraying the expenses of the association in carrying out its objects.


6. The association shall furnish to the Commission such information and financial statements as the Commission determines.