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filed March 12, 2002 under Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.2

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ONTARIO regulation 98/02

made under the

Education Act

Made: February 5, 2002
Approved: March 8, 2002
Filed: March 12, 2002
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: March 30, 2002

Teacher learning plans


1. (1) The interpretations and definitions in Part X.2 of the Act apply for the purposes of this Regulation.

(2) Sections 277.17 and 277.18 of the Act apply, with necessary modifications, to a duty or power of a principal under this Regulation.

Learning plan

2. (1) Starting with the school year commencing in 2002, every board shall ensure that every teacher employed by the board has a learning plan each year that includes the teacher’s professional growth objectives, proposed action plan and time lines for achieving those objectives.

(2) A teacher’s learning plan must be prepared by the teacher in consultation with the appropriate principal.

(3) The consultation required under subsection (2) must include a meeting between the teacher and the appropriate principal in the course of the teacher’s performance appraisal for the year under Part X.2 of the Act, if the year is scheduled as an evaluation year for the teacher.

(4) The teacher and the appropriate principal shall each sign the teacher’s learning plan for the year and each of them shall retain a copy.


3. This Regulation comes into force on the later of,

(a) the day subsection 2 (1) of the Quality in the Classroom Act, 2001 is proclaimed in force;

(b) the day this Regulation is filed.

Janet Ecker

Minister of Education

Dated on February 5, 2002.