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filed March 17, 2003 under Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.7

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ontario regulation 81/03

made under the

health protection and promotion act

Made: March 3, 2003
Filed: March 17, 2003
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: April 5, 2003

Amending O. Reg. 559/91

(Specification of Reportable Diseases)

1. Section 1 of Ontario Regulation 559/91 is amended by adding the following:

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy, including,

i. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, all types

ii. Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker Syndrome

iii. Fatal Familial Insomnia

iv. Kuru

West Nile Virus Illness,

i. West Nile Virus Fever

ii. West Nile Virus Neurological Manifestations

2. This Regulation comes into force on May 1, 2003.

Tony Clement

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Dated on March 3, 2003.