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O. Reg. 414/05: Farming Operations

filed June 28, 2005 under Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1

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ontario regulation 414/05

made under the

Occupational heAlth and Safety Act

Made: June 22, 2005
Filed: June 28, 2005
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: July 16, 2005

Farming Operations

Application of Act to farming operations

1. Subject to the limitations and conditions set out in this Regulation, the Act applies to farming operations.


2. Despite section 1, the Act does not apply to a farming operation operated by a self-employed person without any workers.

Limitations, joint health and safety committees

3. (1) Despite section 1, subsection 9 (2) of the Act applies only to farming operations where 20 or more workers are regularly employed and have duties that include performing work related to one or more of the operations specified in subsection (2).

(2) The following are the operations referred to in subsection (1):

1. Mushroom farming.

2. Greenhouse farming.

3. Dairy farming.

4. Hog farming.

5. Cattle farming.

6. Poultry farming.

(3) Despite section 1, where a joint health and safety committee is required at a farming operation, the requirement for certified members set out in subsection 9 (12) of the Act applies to that farming operation only if 50 or more workers are regularly employed at it.

Application of certain regulations

4. (1) Despite section 1 and subject to subsection (2), the regulations made under the Act do not apply to farming operations.

(2) The following regulations apply to farming operations:

1. Regulation 834 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 (Critical Injury — Defined) made under the Act.

2. Ontario Regulation 780/94 (Training Programs) made under the Act.

3. Ontario Regulation 572/99 (Training Requirements for Certain Skill Sets and Trades) made under the Act.


5. This Regulation comes into force on June 30, 2006.