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filed August 28, 2008 under Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8

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ontario regulation 303/08

made under the

highway Traffic act

Made: June 17, 2008
Filed: August 28, 2008
Published on e-Laws: August 29, 2008
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: September 13, 2008

Amending Reg. 628 of R.R.O. 1990

(Vehicle Permits)

1. Regulation 628 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 is amended by adding the following section before the heading “Number Plates”:

8.3 (1) This section applies to applications for evidence of validation of a motor vehicle permit in respect of a year or part of a year when there is in force a City of Toronto by-law levying a tax in respect of motor vehicles.

(2) Despite anything in this Regulation, evidence of validation of a motor vehicle permit, other than evidence of validation of a special permit or evidence of temporary validation, shall not be furnished in respect of a motor vehicle unless the Ministry is satisfied that the tax levied in respect of the motor vehicle by the by-law described in subsection (1) has been paid.

(3) Subsection (2) does not apply where the person applying for the evidence of validation of a motor vehicle permit is exempt under section 20 or subsection 21 (2) from paying a fee for validation of a motor vehicle permit or for evidence of validation of a motor vehicle permit.

2. Section 23 of the Regulation is amended by striking out “a vehicle-related fee or tax” and substituting “a vehicle-related fee or tax, other than a tax described in section 8.3”.

3. This Regulation comes into force on the later of September 1, 2008 and the day this Regulation is filed.