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filed January 11, 2011 under French Language Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.32

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ontario regulation 1/11

made under the

french language services Act

Made: December 15, 2010
Filed: January 11, 2011
Published on e-Laws: January 13, 2011
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: January 29, 2011

Amending O. Reg. 398/93

(Designation of Public Service Agencies)

1. Section 1 of Ontario Regulation 398/93 is amended by adding the following paragraphs:

92.1 Cornwall Community Hospital - Hôpital Communautaire de Cornwall in respect of the following programs carried out by the Hospital on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care:

i. Administration/Corporate Services.

ii. Admission Prevention Services.

iii. Adult Counselling and Treatment.

iv. Ambulatory Care Clinics.

v. Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT Team).

vi. Business Office.

vii. Computer Assisted Tomography.

viii. Critical Care Unit.

ix. Diabetic Clinic.

x. Diagnostic Services Administrative Support.

xi. Dietary.

xii. Discharge Planning.

xiii. Emergency.

xiv. Health Information Services.

xv. Human Resources.

xvi. Inpatient Mental Health Unit.

xvii. Inpatient Social Work.

xviii. Inpatient Surgery.

xix. Mammography.

xx. Mental Health Crisis Team.

xxi. Nuclear Medicine.

xxii. Obstetrics.

xxiii. Occupational Therapy.

xxiv. Operating Room.

xxv. Outpatient Mental Health.

xxvi. Paediatrics.

xxvii. Patient Registration.

xxviii. Pharmacy.

xxix. Physiotherapy.

xxx. Pre-admission.

xxxi. Speech Language Pathology.

xxxii. Spiritual Care.

xxxiii. Switchboard.

xxxiv. Ultrasound.

xxxv. X-Ray.

. . . . .

178.1 Réseau des femmes du Sud de l’Ontario - Sarnia/Lambton in respect of the programs carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

. . . . .

210.1 University of Ottawa Heart Institute - Institut de cardiologie de l’Université d’Ottawa in respect of the following programs carried out by the Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care:

i. Admitting.

ii. Ambulatory Care.

iii. Arrhythmia Monitoring Centre.

iv. Auxiliary Services.

v. Cardiac Anaesthesia.

vi. Cardiac Associates/Surgery.

vii. Cardiac Cath Lab.

viii. Cardiac Imaging.

ix. Cardiac Operating Room.

x. Cardiac Surgery & Cardiac Valve Surgery Clinic.

xi. Cardiac Surgical Unit & Recovery Room.

xii. Communication Centre.

xiii. Coronary Care Unit.

xiv. French Language Services.

xv. Heart Failure Clinic.

xvi. HI Telehealth APN.

xvii. Human Resources Services.

xviii. Library.

xix. Nursing Unit H3.

xx. Nursing Unit H4.

xxi. Nutrition.

xxii. Pacemaker & Defibrillator Clinic.

xxiii. Pastoral Services.

xxiv. Pharmacy Outpatient.

xxv. Pre-Admission Unit.

xxvi. Prevention and Rehab Centre.

xxvii. Telehealth APN.

xxviii. Wait List Management Office (Triage).

2. This Regulation comes into force on the later of January 1, 2011 and the day it is filed.