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ontario regulation 337/23

made under the

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997

Made: November 2, 2023
Filed: November 8, 2023
Published on e-Laws: November 8, 2023
Published in The Ontario Gazette: November 25, 2023

Amending O. Reg. 664/98


1. (1) Section 30.3 of Ontario Regulation 664/98 is amended by striking out “or” at the end of subclause (b) (ii), by adding “or” at the end of clause (c) and by adding the following clause:

(d)  the bait,

(i)  is dead,

(ii)  has been preserved using, as the primary method of preservation, a method other than refrigeration or freezing, and

(iii)  either originated from the holder of a commercial bait licence, a commercial fishing licence or an aquaculture licence, or was harvested and preserved in the bait management zone where the primary residence of the person using or possessing the bait is located.

(2) Section 30.3 of the Regulation is amended by adding the following subsection:

(2) In this section,

“preserved” means treated or prepared in a manner to prevent decay or decomposition.

2. Section 30.6 of the Regulation is amended by adding the following paragraphs:

4.  A person transporting bait that meets the requirements set out in clause 30.3 (1) (d).

5.  A person transporting bait through an adjacent bait management zone for the purpose of reaching a destination in the bait management zone in which the bait was lawfully obtained if the person transporting the bait is taking a direct route through the adjacent bait management zone to reach their destination.

3. Sections 31.5 and 32.1 of the Regulation are revoked.


4. This Regulation comes into force on the later of January 1, 2024 and the day this Regulation is filed.

Made by:
Pris par :

Le ministre des Richesses naturelles et des Forêts,

Graydon Smith

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

Date made: November 2, 2023
Pris le : 2 novembre 2023