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filed August 19, 2011 under Child and Family Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.11

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ontario regulation 394/11

made under the

child and Family Services act

Made: August 18, 2011
Filed: August 19, 2011
Published on e-Laws: August 23, 2011
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: September 3, 2011

Amending O. Reg. 206/00

(Procedures, Practices and Standards of Service for Child Protection Cases)

1. Section 1 of Ontario Regulation 206/00 is amended by adding the following definition:

“Renewed Youth Supports” means the Ministry of Children and Youth Services program described in the document titled “Addendum to Ontario Permanency Funding Policy Guidelines: Renewed Youth Supports (RYS)”, dated August 12, 2011 and effective September 1, 2011, which is available from the Ministry by email at or by mail at Ministry of Children and Youth Services, ServiceOntario INFOline, M-1B114, Macdonald Block, 900 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1N3. (“Programme de soutien prolongé aux jeunes”)

2. (1) Section 13 of the Regulation is amended by adding the following subsection:

(2.1) A society or agency may provide care and maintenance under subsection 71.1 (3) of the Act to a person who is 18 years of age or more only if the person and the society or agency have entered into an agreement related to the care and maintenance.

(2) Subsections 13 (3), (4) and (5) of the Regulation are amended by striking out “subsection 71.1 (1) or (2) of the Act” wherever it appears and substituting in each case “subsection 71.1 (1), (2) or (3) of the Act”.

3. The Regulation is amended by adding the following section:

14. Renewed Youth Supports is prescribed as a support service for the purposes of subsection 71.1 (3) of the Act.


4. This Regulation comes into force on the later of the following days:

1. The day section 1 of the Building Families and Supporting Youth to be Successful Act, 2011 comes into force.

2. The day this Regulation is filed.

Made by:
Pris par :

La ministre des Services à l’enfance et à la jeunesse,

Laurel C. Broten

Minister of Children and Youth Services

Date made: August 18, 2011.
Pris le : 18 août 2011.