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filed June 12, 2020 under Ontario Food Terminal Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.15

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ontario regulation 269/20

made under the

Ontario Food Terminal Act

Made: June 3, 2020
Approved: June 11, 2020
Filed: June 12, 2020
Published on e-Laws: June 12, 2020
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: June 27, 2020


Definition, “emergency period”

1. In this Regulation,

“emergency period” means the period of the emergency that was declared on March 17, 2020  pursuant to Order in Council 518/2020 (Ontario Regulation 50/20) under section 7.0.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), including the period of any extension of the declared emergency under section 7.0.7 of that Act.


2. (1) Within seven days after this Regulation comes into force, the manager of the Terminal shall develop a protocol intended to,

(a) prevent the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Terminal; and

(b) ensure the Board’s continued ability to operate the Terminal during and after the emergency period in accordance with its objects.

(2) The protocol shall be consistent with guidance issued by the Ministry of Health related to the protection of health and by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development related to the protection of employees in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

(3) The protocol shall include the following:

1. Requirements for any person entering the Terminal to be assessed for symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

2. A prohibition on a person entering the Terminal or remaining at the Terminal if there are reasonable grounds to believe the person’s entry or continued presence may lead to the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) within the Terminal.

3. Requirements respecting the wearing and disposal of personal protective equipment at the Terminal.

4. Requirements respecting the cleaning of common spaces at the Terminal and of spaces controlled by tenants of the Board.

5. Requirements respecting the maintenance of physical distance between individuals at the Terminal, including in spaces controlled by tenants of the Board.

6. A requirement that tenants of the Board report to the manager concerning any activities by persons at the Terminal if the activities pose a risk of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Terminal.

(4) The protocol developed under this section shall not be in effect after the 60th day following the end of the emergency.


3. This Regulation comes into force on the day it is filed.

Made by:
Pris par :

Ontario Food Terminal Board:
La Commission du Marché des produits alimentaires de l’Ontario :

Kenneth W. Knox

Chair, Ontario Food Terminal Board/Président, La Commission du Marché des produits de l’Ontario

Date made: June 3, 2020
Pris le : 3 juin 2020