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ontario regulation 222/21

made under the

Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020

Made: March 26, 2021
Filed: March 26, 2021
Published on e-Laws: March 26, 2021
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: April 10, 2021

Amending O. Reg. 263/20


1. Subsection 3.1 (4) of Schedule 1 to Ontario Regulation 263/20 is revoked and the following substituted:

(4) Every member of the public in a place of business or facility that is open to the public, and every person in attendance at an organized public event or gathering permitted by this Order, shall maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person, except from their caregiver or from members of the person’s household.

2. (1) Paragraph 7 of subsection 1 (1) of Schedule 2 to the Regulation is amended by adding “indoors” before “in the establishment”.

(2) Subsection 1 (3) of Schedule 2 to the Regulation is amended by striking out the portion before clause (a) and substituting “Paragraphs 7, 8, 8.1 and 14 of subsection (1) do not apply,”.

3. (1) Paragraph 1 of subsection 5 (2) of Schedule 3 to the Regulation is revoked.

(2) Section 6 of Schedule 3 to the Regulation is revoked.


4. This Regulation comes into force on the later of March 29, 2021 and the day it is filed.