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Farm Products Marketing Act

R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 425


Consolidation Period:  From April 27, 2006 to the e-Laws currency date.

Last amendment: 139/06.

Legislative History: 608/93, 139/06.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

1. The plan in the Schedule is continued for the control and regulation of the marketing within Ontario of tomato seedlings.  O. Reg. 608/93, s. 1.

2. The local board named in the Schedule is given the powers set out in subsection 15 (1), in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 26 of subsection 15 (2) and in sections 50 and 110 of the Co-operative Corporations Act.  R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 425, s. 2.

3. The members of the local board shall be deemed to be the shareholders and the directors thereof in the exercise of any of the powers mentioned in section 2.  R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 425, s. 3.


Farm Products Marketing Act

1. This plan may be cited as the “Ontario Tomato Seedling Growers’ Marketing Plan”.

2. In this plan,

“processing” means processing as defined in section 2 of The Ontario Vegetable Growers’ Marketing-for-Processing Plan; (“transformation”)

“producer” means a person engaged in the production of tomato seedlings; (“producteur”)

“tomato seedlings” means tomato seedlings produced in Ontario for the production of tomatoes for processing. (“semis de tomate”)

3. This plan applies to the control and regulation in any or all respects of the marketing within Ontario of tomato seedlings including the prohibition of such marketing in whole or in part.

4. There shall be a local board to be known as the “Ontario Tomato Seedling Growers’ Marketing Board”.

5. The local board shall be composed of five producer-members.

6. The local board shall, by the end of November in each year, conduct a meeting at which all producers for that year in the records of the local board are eligibe to attend.

7. At the meeting referred to in section 6, the producers present at the meeting shall elect producers to be members of the local board as follows:

1. One producer to be elected as a member and chair of the local board.

2. One producer to be elected as a member and vice-chair of the local board.

3. Three producers to be members and directors of the local board.

8. The producers elected under section 7 take office at the conclusion of the meeting referred to in section 6.

9. (1) Where the producers fail to elect any members to the local board, the members elected to the local board shall, as soon thereafter as may be practicable, appoint such producer-members as are necessary to complete the local board.

(2) Where a member elected or appointed to the local board dies, resigns or is unavailable to act before the last Tuesday of October in the year next following the date of his or her election or appointment, the members of the local board may appoint a producer-member for the unexpired term.

R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 425, Sched.; O. Reg. 608/93, s. 2.